i9S TWS AirPods Review (The Most Honest)

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i9S TWS is the best selling fake AirPods on AliExpress. You can easily find thousands of reviews and tests for it through Google and Youtube searches. They all speak highly of i9S TWS. Is it really so good? Here I want to share my own using experience of i9S TWS. My review may be not the most comprehensive one, but it must be the most honest one.

One month ago, I bought a fake AirPods from a nearby electronics store. The packaging box is labeled with i12 TWS and the seller also told me it’s i12 TWS. However, when connecting through Bluetooth, I found it’s i9S actually. The price I paid is $7, a little higher than online price (around $5).


Don’t support separate use.

Every time I used i9S TWS fake airpods, I must make sure the right earphone is on. Then the left earphone can be connected. In another word, the right earphone can be used separately while the left can not.

Voice volume.

The voice volume is OK when listening outside since there’re many noises. But at home, especially in quiet conditions, the minimum volume is still big even if I only wore one earphone. In addition, there is no voice volume control function along with the i9S TWS earphones. I had to adjust the voice volume through mobile phone.

Battery life.

The official saying of i9S TWS’ music listening time is 2.5 hours. However, my test result is no more than 2 hours.

Wearing comfort.

Both left and right earphones are easy to drop. Not that tight.


  • When connected, never got disconnected.
  • Fast charging. 1.5 hours.
  • Average stereo sound.
  • Beautiful look like the real Apple AirPods.
  • Cheap price.

From my above honest reviews, you know i9S TWS is a very common TWS serial fake airpods. But why it sells most on AliExpress? Cheap price. The price is as low as $4.29. So if you have a small budget and my problems about i9s TWS fake AirPods doesn’t bother you, i9S TWS is still a good choice!

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