i90000 Pro TWS Test & Review

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Chinese manufacturers are constantly releasing new models every month. This week I’m testing the i90000 Pro TWS earphone. It’s a little different from the i30000 TWS or i20000 TWS. But mostly important, they’re all comfortable.

i90000 Pro TWS Test & Review

Among all online shopping malls, we choose AliExpress to place the order. It took about 2 weeks to receive. Although the shipping time is a little long, but the price totally made the long waiting worthy, $31.85.


Once unpacked, I found the typical white box with the i90000 Pro TWS’s photo on the front and model label on the side.

The model label has the following informations:

  • Slide Volume Adjustment
  • Working for Latest iOS
  • Reverse Magnetic Lid Weight 47g
  • In-ear Smart Sensor
  • Super Bass HD Microphone
  • Music Time 3.5-4 Hours

First of all, I checked the charging function, battery capacity and if the sound is normal. Next I will talk more details about i90000 Pro TWS from these aspects: battery, audio, design and connectivity.

The Best

Here is a summary of what I liked most about this i90000 Pro TWS: enough battery, normal sound quality, poor microphone, magnetic inverter and new volume control. Maybe you will think it’s not that good like the original Apple AirPods. But it only costs $30 while the original costs $150+.

For the first time, I can change the name of the earphones in bluetooth. I will never see AirPods or AirPods 2 in the Bluetooth configuration menu. This feature is not essential, but it brings me the joy of customizing my own AirPods in my own way.

The Worst

This time’s update only focused on touch volume control. It’s a real pity! There’re many people who buy a TWS serial earphone each month if they want to be up to date. Another problem I doubt is that its life expectancy may be limited.


I didn’t see significant improvements.

Chinese manufacturers pay high attention to the battery life listed in their product manuals. They score from 3.5 to 4 hours with average use. However, according to my tests, if we use the earphones while opening several applications at one time, the battery life fell fast than normal. My personal conclusion is the talking time or total capacity is 3 hours. It’s still not a problem for traveling long distances.

It took two and a half hours to full charge the case. The wireless charge for i90000 Pro TWS doesn’t support fast charge. We hope it can get improved in the future TWS serial earbuds.


Look more like the originals.

The new added touch control sliding volume function made the i90000 Pro TWS look more like the real AirPods. The color, weight, size of the left and right earphones and the charging case are virtually identical to the real AirPods. The only differences we can tell it’s fake is the price and the materials are not the same.



There is a popular saying that best summarizes the TWS earbuds: more comfort, less quality. The audio is not bad. But I think the microphone can get improved. When you leave your hands outside and didn’t take your phone out your pocket, if there are many noises (enough), it’s almost impossible to have a conversation.


Same as the previous ones.

For the transfer of sound files and better frequencies, we find Bluetooth 5.0. SBC and AAC codecs provide better sound, better stability, and better connection speed. The days when the audio and the picture were not synchronized have gone. Now, with the i90000 TWS, we appreciate having no delays in video games, YouTube or Netflix to watch our favorite series.

How to use i90000 PRO TWS

It’s delightfully simple to use. There is a touch screen and some keys for you to use.

Left Earphone

Answer or reject a call. (1 touch)
Stop or play the song. (1 touch)
Activate the voice assistant (Siri-Google). (2 touches)
Previous song. (3 touches)

Right Earphone

  • Answer or reject a call. (1 touch)
  • Stop or play the song. (1 touch)
  • Next song (3 touches)
  • Volume control by sliding: To increase the volume, simply slide your finger in the left atrium. While to lower it, we simply have to make the same movement down.

Generally speaking, we only use AliExpress for purchasing these types of products because the sellers on it are all from China. We also found the prices for the same product, AliExpress is cheaper than Amazon. The shipping fee of Amazon also costs more than AliExpress.


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