i80 TWS AirPods Clone Review

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There’re various TWS earphone models in the today’s market such as the i10, i11, i20 and the i40. If you don’t know which one to buy, here is a suggestion for you, i80 TWS. It’s really a good AirPod clone with the same features like other TWS earphones at half the price.

i80 TWS AirPods Clone Review

Inside the Box

Like most TWS earphones, the i80 TWS comes packed with a wireless charging box, two TWS earphones, USB cable for charging and an instruction manual.


When using i10 TWS and i11 TWS, their main functions look good. But when put the earphones into the charging box, there will be some frictions. It’s not as seamless and it can be a bit “tight” and a little irritating to remove.

The i80 TWS is with a standard AirPod look. More surprising, it doesn’t have those blinking light on the earphones themselves.

Function and Use

Similar to the real Apple AirPods, the i80 TWS has the chip which opens up the interface on the phone when you pop open the box. Not all TWS earphones are equipped with this kind of chip. It’s only available in the premium versions of TWS earphones. The i80 TWS is a premium earphone.

The i80 TWS also has the multi-touch sensor feature where you can control the music through different touches. Since touch for pausing and playing music, double touch for controlling the volume and triple touch for moving on to the next song.

With built-in Bluetooth function, the connection between phone and the i80 TWS is pretty seamless. You can connect each earphone via Bluetooth to your phone separately.

Siri Wake Up function is also available for the i80 TWS. It means you can control the i80 TWS earphones with Siri.

Another main important feature about the i80 TWS is wireless charging. It means you can place the wireless charging box on top of any wireless Qi wireless charger and it will start charging. This is a big feature that lots of people like. It’s super useful and practical.


The bass on the i80 TWS earphones is absolutely insane. It really booms and has one of the best sounds of all wireless earphones out there.

The i80 TWS has good treble and fabulous sound quality. In our tests of its mic, our wireless calls were pretty crystal clear.

Battery Life

The real Apple Airpods last for a good 5 hours while the i80 TWS lasts for a 3.5 hours of continuous use. Although 1.5 hours lesser, it’s still good if we consider its price.

Final Conclusion

The i80 TWS earphones are with incredible quality. It has all the features of a premium TWS earphone. The best features for the i80 TWS are the W1 pop-up chip, wireless charging, 3.5 hours of battery life and very good sound.


  • W1 Pop-up chip with direct Bluetooth Connection
  • Wireless charging
  • No notification lights on the earphones
  • Independent pairing
  • Great form factor that is snug


  • Pirce maybe considered a con for many people.

Price: $29.75

Link to buy the i80 TWS on AliExpress:


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