i500 TWS AirPods Clone Review

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In the past, one of the biggest complaints about TWS earphones is that they don’t have a good enough battery life. The AirPods clones manufacturers have been working hard to solve the battery problem. Now they achieved a temporary victory and released a new TWS earphone with a better battery life, i500 TWS.

So let’s review the new i500 TWS earphones.

i500 TWS AirPods Clone Review

Inside The Box

There’re TWS earphones, charging box, charging cable and one instruction manual inside the package box of i500 TWS. Don’t throw the instruction manual away since it’s very important when you want to reset the earphones. You are available to buy a kit where you can get a case bag and case protector if you spend a little more money. But I suggest you buy case bag and case protector by your own from AliExpress. There’re thousands of styles you can choose from.


The general design of the i500 TWS is similar to most other TWS earphones. There is a slight change that a little more space is provided to encase the battery. The change is too slight and most people can’t tell it.

Function and Use

What’s the difference with the i500 TWS?

Like the other TWS earphones, once you open the box, you might have to charge the charging box along with the earphones to get some charge into the earphones and box.

Once it’s charged enough, you can open the box with the earphones inside it. As for iPhone, a popup window will display that you can connect your earphones to your phone pretty seamlessly. Once it’s connected you will see the battery percentage of the box and the earphones. There will be a battery and a headphone icon on the top of your notification bar.

As for Android, it’s a bit more manual. Once you open the box and take out the earphones, the Bluetooth for the earphones will be immediately turned on and you need to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth to pair it with the earphones. There will be two i500 devices. One is for the left and the other is for the right. You can pair both of your i500 TWS earphones or one of them.

Once you’ve paired your phone with the i500 TWS earphones, you can listen to music or podcasts pretty seamlessly. The charging box for the i500 TWS is pretty simple. There is a single notification light for charging. When it’s fully charged, the notification light will glow green. If it’s still charging, the notification light will glow yellow.

About the using of i500 TWS earphones, it’s truly versatile. In person, I only wear one i500 TWS earphone when taking calls. When taking calls, I can still be aware of any ambient sound.

I often use it to work out too. The i500 TWS earphones are very light and don’t fall off even while running. It’s great!

Sound Quality

Here comes the point! Over the past few TWS iterations, the manufacturers have worked super hard on the bass of the earphones. It’s very important when you listen to heavy metal or hard  rock. The former TWS earphones are a little poor with bass sound quality. However the i500 TWS earphones are improved with its bass sound quality. i500 TWS has some of the best bass quality and also other levels of sounds. Like other TWS earphones, there is still no noise cancellation. You can hear the outside ambient noise when wearing the i500 TWS earphones. The only products that can have the noise cancellation feature are headphones.

Battery Life

The most attracting part of i500 TWS is its battery life. Many iTWS earphones in the past have had very poor battery life with just over an hour of use. The i500 TWS has a very good 4 hours of battery life. It’s amazing! This advantage makes the i500 TWS one of the top contenders in the wireless earphones category.


The price for i500 TWS AirPods clone is also super reasonable and it costs about 50% to 70% cheaper than many other TWS earphones.

Final Conclusion

The i500 TWS AirPods clone is an amazing earphone. The fit is perfect, the bass is great, the battery life is awesome. Strongly recommend you buy it!

Where to Buy:

AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33051838189.html

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